Published On: Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015

Costa Cruises released sustainability report

Cruise_Lines_Costa_Cruises_Mediterranea_TopdeckCosta Crociere, Europe’s leading cruise company, today released its Sustainability Report for the period from 2012 – 2013, detailing the company’s sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 3.1 and a full copy can be downloaded from the Costa Websites.

The report is divided into three main sections, each describing the activities undertaken, the associated performance indicators and the objectives achieved in terms of economic results, environmental compliance and social accountability during two years period. The Report was drawn up in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and certified by PwC Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Costa implemented various measures to deliver on its commitment to protect the environment, develop and provide opportunities for its employees, strengthen its stakeholder relations and enhance the communities in which the company visits and operates. The efforts include, among others, the review of cruise routes and the introduction of energy-saving measures on board led to a substantial reduction in emissions, while numerous projects and initiatives have been designed to reduce environmental footprint both at cruise itineraries destinations and in the sea.

Detailed information and figures can be obtained in the Sustainability Report – highlights include:

Reducing fuel consumption by 6.5 % per passenger per day within just two years

Reduction of 9.9 % in SOx and 5.8 % in NOx

Reduction of CO2 by 6 % in two years

Reduction of Energy Consumption by 6.5 %

Reduction of water consumption by 4.7 % per person per day

Regarding employability:

Increase of 9% of total shore- side personnel in 2013 compared to the previous year

14,286 people interviewed in the two years resulting in 10,284 new hires employed

Sustainability at Costa Crociere is about preserving the environment, respecting its employees and communities. Today’s report details Costa’s progress towards both its goal to reduce emissions, and its ongoing commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. Sustainability is a core part of how Costa conducts business.

The awareness of Costa’s importance in terms of the economic and social wellbeing of the local communities in which she operates worldwide only strengthens Company resolve to guarantee effective community stakeholder engagement and contribute to local development. Based on that over 2013 Costa implemented various procedures in order to set up the Costa Crociere Foundation.