Published On: Mon, Jun 8th, 2015

John Holland-Kaye receives warm welcome at London’s Aviation Club

01_B10INT_1148564aJust one year into the job, John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive of Heathrow, received a warm welcome at London’s Aviation Club last week. John highlighted that he was only six years into air transport but that has included masterminding the very successful T2 introduction.

Mr Holland-Kaye’s primary challenge is to ensure Heathrow is allowed to develop a third runway and, if that is what the Airports Commission recommends, ensure that it goes ahead as quickly as possible.

In a far ranging speech he set the scene and covered surface access, carbon emissions, air quality and noise. His summary went to the core.

“The Airports Commission was asked one question – how does Britain maintain its status as a global aviation hub?

This is a choice not about concrete, but about the future of our country.

Do we choose to be right at the heart of the global economy or do we choose to be on a branch-line to growth?

Do we choose to be a Champions League nation or do we choose to be a Championship nation?

Do we choose to win the race for growth or do we choose to be overtaken by our rivals?

Expanding Heathrow – staying connected – is now urgent. It is time to get on with it.”