Published On: Mon, Jun 15th, 2015

Heathrow’s previous 20 domestic routes are now down to seven

Body scanners at airportsAs the three options for a new London runway come to a boil with Sir Howard Davies likely to publish his Airports Commission report any day now Nigel Milton, External Affairs Director at Heathrow, suggests that Heathrow is likely to ditch its domestic routes to Aberdeen, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, and Newcastle, leaving Edinburgh and Manchester.

“If Heathrow remains constrained then there will be continued pressure for the number and frequency of regional services to decline,” said Mr Milton.

Laurie Price, (also see in this issue) the former adviser to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee, said: “This is very serious and plays into the hands of the Gulf carriers and KLM who are chipping away at BA traffic to the Far East and Australia by operating into these domestic centres. The regions need global air access via the Heathrow hub to secure their economic development. I have long advocated RAF Northolt as an interim way around the problem, until a new runway is built at Heathrow. This has now to be properly explored; it’s a unique and potentially – quick fix – opportunity that alternative options cannot offer.

The previous 20 Heathrow domestic routes are now down to seven.”