Published On: Mon, Jun 15th, 2015

‘Naked tourism’ becoming mainstream trend

naked-tourist-peruSelfies used to be a trend but the latest strange craze adopted by travelers is to pose for photos buck naked.

They call it “naked tourism”.

Travelers have done it at a number of historical monuments and sacred sites throughout the world.Authorities in these countries have warned tourists against posing nude but to no avail.

They have caught those in the act, fined them and chucked them out of their countries.

But going by the photos posted on social media, this trend seems to be catching on.

Hostelworld, a popular website among backpackers and travellers for booking accommodations all over the world, made quite a splash on June 1 with its latest video advertisement featuring naked travelers.

The “Meet the World” video features seven tourists stripping and jumping into a sinkhole in Yucatan, Mexico.