Published On: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

Turkish Airlines: Expanding reach and staying close to customers

Turkish-Airlines’-President-CEO-Temel-Kotil-Ph-620x310Temel Kotil, CEO of Turkish Airlines, introduced himself uttering the above phrase, almost as a catchword with evident pride at the opening of a recent press conference organized for a small group of hosted Italian journalists, convened at the headquarters of Turkish Airlines in Istanbul.

Clearly and quickly the CEO voiced unpublished data on the growth of air traffic in the world between now and 2034, which includes major developments, adding to them the known data of the movement of travelers from 1994 to 2014, also rewarding for the worldwide passenger traffic turnover and for Turkish Airlines in specific.

“In 2034, the movement of passengers worldwide will increase to 7.3 billion, and the share of Turkish Airlines passengers is expected to rise to 381 million,” said Mr Kotil.

“The year 2033 will see the change of the parameters: Asia and the Pacific will excel in passenger growth by 35%, Europe will reach 22%, and North America will drop to 19% with improvements in the Middle East (11%) and Latin America 9%, while Africa will remain unchanged at 4%, with an expected growth of the middle class that may exceed that of China.

“Turkish Airlines’ management will maintain an economical growth, and its objectives will be achieved as ever: the number of air passengers foreseen in the current year will amount to 63 million with an operating profit of $ 12 billion expected.”

The economically strong airline, with a cashflow of $3 billion, millions of loyal customers, and a strong management can look to the future with greater determination.

With this background, the CEO elaborated on its forward planned future activity: “Turkish Airlines has always been in the running to counter the competition by opening new routes,” said Mr. Kotil.

The future largest airport in the world

The project of a third airport in Istanbul will have a capacity for 150 million passengers per year. Built on an area of 76.5 square kilometers, it will have 500 aircraft parking spaces, 6 airstrips, and 4 terminals, along with the best world technology.

This mega-structure completes the vision of the future of Turkish Airlines that positioned in the center of the European region, the Middle East, and the Asian region, confirms itself as a “vital hub to over 55 countries.”

With 277 international destinations of which 227 are in 110 countries, the largest presence is in Europe with 86 cities and Africa with 46, in the Middle East with 25, the Americas with 11, and the Far East with 45, besides more openings in the plan. There will be a fleet of 293 aircraft in 2015, and Turkish Airlines positions itself 13th among the largest air carriers in the world, ranked first by number of international airports, and in the 4th position for destinations.

“Italy to Turkish Airlines is the second largest market in Europe after Germany,” stated Cem Sahir Islam, Regional Manager Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont for Turkish Airlines, who attended to the press conference. He added, “The carrier operates in 10 Italian cities from the north to Sicily. Italy is part of the future strategy of the Turkish air carrier, and the Italian market is and will be strategic for our future plans.”

Turkish Airlines was awarded the World Quality Award for four consecutive years by Skytrax – the motivation: Europe’s Best Airline, “Best Business Class Catering In Lounge” and “Best Business Class Catering in the World.”