Published On: Thu, Jul 16th, 2015

Ramadan in the Maldives: A perfect time for tourists to visit

ramadan-festivalThe Maldives is a Muslim country, and beginning June 18, Ramadan will begin and will be observed until July 17, 2015. For tourists, this is worth noting, because Ramadan is a month for fasting from sun up to sun down. While certainly not all restaurants, a number of them, especially in the capital city of Male, may be closed during the day time.

Resorts and hotels are normally not affected by Ramadan, so most visitors not of the Muslim faith may not even be aware that the Holy month is being observed. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect time to enjoy some of Maldives’ cultural foods during this festival.

In the evening, each day’s fast is broken with Iftar evening meals, and for resort guests this often means treats not normally served all-year round. Guests may partake in dates and Arabic sweets to enjoy between dusk and dawn, along with Ramadan juices that include such exotic flavors as apricot, rose, and kamardine. Many restaurants will also have special Iftar meals with family-style dinner menus and buffets.

Hotel and resort guests may also wish to end each day’s fast with in-room service offering delightful beverages such as buttermilk, watermelon juice, and Turkish coffee to enjoy while watching the night sky. Then in the morning before sunrise, they may choose to enjoy suhoor, a pre-dawn meal.

During this Holy month for Muslims, it is a time for celebration, so it is not unusual to come across cultural activities and events. Bands playing music, belly dancers, fire dancers, and more are common at this time of year. So whether Muslim or not, this is the perfect time for travelers to visit Maldives and enjoy the culture, celebrations, and foods of Ramadan.